Saturday, May 27, 2006

Interested in Testing Windows Live products?

For those of you interested in beta testing Windows Live products, take a look at the here:

Windows Live Ideas

You can sign up products or try products in various stages of their product development cycle. There are also links to blog sites that are available for some of the products.

One thing that interested me was the addition of real-time traffic to the Windows Live Local product. When users look up directions using Live Local, the system will now take into account traffic issues as reported by, routing around any potential problems. Unfortunately, this is available in selected US cities only. Also new is increased integration between Live Local and other products (Outlook and Live Messenger).

There is now an Outlook add-in that integrates Live Local's mapping capabilities into the Outlook's calendar feature. This will allow users to better manage their travel schedule and easily share meeting location information within Outlook Calendar requests.

Windows Live Messenger now features Live Local integration as well. Users can interact with the same map by opening a sharing session from the Actions menu.

Microsoft is really hoping that this Windows Live initiative will product programs that work simply and effortlessly together.

Try it out, and see what you think.

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