Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memories of the Turf Tavern

Time for a short break from Media Center postings. I was going to blog about Greyhound racing, but then, I was going through the picture galleries on Joe's blog when I found something else to blog about first.

The picture that inspired this post is this one...

Bridge of Sighs

The above picture is one of the Bridge of Sighs in Oxford. The Bridge of Sighs was built in 1913, between two buildings of Hertford College. It is named after the Bridge of Sighs, or "Ponte dei Sospiri" in Venice, but in fact looks nothing like it as you can confirm yourself.

What does this bridge have to do with the Turf Tavern you ask? Well, just under the bridge, there is a narrow passage called the St. Helen's Passage, originally known as the Hell Passage. If you look closely at the bricks, you'll see this.

Directions to the Turf

If you walk through St Helen's Passage to the end, you'll reach the Turf Tavern.

Turf Tavern

The Turf Tavern (or just the Turf) dates originally from the 13th century, but most of the present building is 16th century. It lies snugly alongside city wall. The pub is very small, with low beamed ceiling. Although popular and often crowded, it is the only pub in central Oxford with a beer garden so there is some room for overflow.

There is a lot of history behind this pub. It was alledgely the setting of the last cockfight in England. It is also where Bill Clinton "did not inhale" when he was attending Oxford in the 1960s.

Cock Fighting Plaque
Bill Clinton Plaque

While we were in Oxford, we visited this pub many times, during lunch, the afternoon, early evening and before last call. This place is an unmissable Oxford institution that many consider to be the best pub in the city. If you ever get the chance to goto Oxford, don't miss this well hidden gem.

Here are a few more pictures of us.

To the Turf

This way to the Turf

Turf Beer Garden

In the Turf's Beer Garden

End of the Night at the Turf

Another great trip to the Turf

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Anonymous said...

Cool, you even gave me a photo credit. Bless your heart :)

On a day like today (32 with the humidex and family coming to Barrie tonight), I really miss Oxford. Or maybe it's more "I miss holidays." I really should take some.

In any case, thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.