Saturday, May 27, 2006

What am I doing this summer

A few of you have asked what I am doing this summer.

In no particular order:

  • Training for the 50 km Ride for Heart
  • Looking for a job to start in September
  • Volunteering at the Rogers Cup tennis tournament in Toronto
  • Beta testing for Microsoft
  • Finding a layout that I like for this blog

Training for the 50 km bike ride is going alright. I think I will be really close to my goal of doing the bike ride under 2 hours.

I'll also be starting to look for a job in September. I applied for an internship position through the UNAC's JPC program, so hopefully that comes through. Should be finding out about that within the next couple of weeks. If I am successful, all the better, if I am not, then it was a good attempt. I'll be looking for either a Planning job or a job in the tech field, whatever I can get, and hopefully in the Greater Toronto Area.

I'll be volunteering at the Rogers Cup tennis tournament in Toronto this summer. I have been volunteering as a member of the Transportation Committee for the last 9 years. Essentially, this committee is responsible for providing efficient transportation for the competitors, officials designated VIP's beginning Wednesday prior to the Tournament and running through to the Monday following the finals. I have been promoted to the Committee Head for this committee, so I am also involved in the management of the 130 volunteers in the committee, as well as much of the planning that goes into ensuring that everyone's transportation needs are met. As we get closer to the tournament, I'll be sure to blog about that.

With the number of betas that Microsoft has released, I'll be busy testing out some of the latest products that should be out on the market soon. From Vista, to Office 2007, to the Windows Live products and other products that I can't disclose at this point, there's quite a lot coming down the pipe.

Lastly, I've been working on figuring out a layout that I like for this site. I've switched from the default two column layout that blogger provides to this three column layout. I think I'll stick with this one for now, and hopefully I haven't broken anything in making this switch.

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