Thursday, June 15, 2006

Congratulations Thomas van Geest

As I mentioned yesterday, there can be various reasons why some people can't make it to convocation. I mentioned Ben's case yesterday. Today, I'll bring up Tom's circumstances.

After finishing his studies in December 2005, Tom intended to go traveling through Africa. Those plans changed when he was offered an internship in Kenya. More details of his internship have been mentioned in the University News Release service and the FES faculty e-newsletter.

Unfortunately, this internship meant that Tom was not able to come back to Waterloo for convocation, and he was definitely missed by us all.

So why am I congratulating Tom in the title of this blog posting? Prior to going to convocation, I noticed in the June 14th UW Bulletin entry that Tom was awarded the departmental award for highest academic achievement of graduating undergraduate students in the School of Planning. Everyone else found out at the actual Convocation ceremony. To those that know Tom, this distinction comes as no surprise.

Cheers to Tom, wherever his adventures take him. Don't eat all the hippos over there.

Tom in Africa.
Tom's shirt is the same colour as the hoods that we got during convocation.

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Anonymous said...

AND his shirt colour matches his ancestral homeland's team colours... pity they're leaving the World Cup finals early. I wonder if he's declared a personal day of mourning? ;o)