Friday, June 16, 2006

Convocation Pictures

As promised in a previous blog entry, here are some Convocation pictures. While I understand that Convocation is a time for our families, I wish that us, the students, had more time for ourselves. To those who were able to make it, it was great to see all of you together one last time. Hopefully, in the upcoming years, I will continue to be in touch with most of you.

Here is a sampling of pictures that I have.

Convocation Stage

Convocation stage for the 92nd Convocation carried at at the University of Waterloo

Tiff and me

Tiff and me (and Templar on the left) - Tiff's off to study Law at U of T in September

Johnathan and me

Johnathan and me (congrats Johnathan on the Diploma of Excellence for GIS)

Holding my degree

This is the degree.

Parents and me

My parents and me

Derek and me

Derek and me (Derek's off to Teacher's College this September)

Family shot

Family shot

Dawn, me and Derek

Dawn, me and Derek (the three of us worked together at the City of Mississauga for our first co-op term... ah the memories). Dawn's off to University College London this September for her Masters with her boyfriend and our fellow classmate, Ian.

Parents and me in front of the floral arrangement

My parents and me in front of the floral arrangement.

Deb and me

Deb and me (congrats on your engagement, Deb)

Sherwin and me (with his relatives)

Sherman and me (with his relatives, who co-incidentally are family friends of ours)

Gary and me

My brother, Gary, and me in the Great Hall of the Student Life Centre

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