Saturday, June 03, 2006

Microsoft (Office 2007, Save to PDF) vs Adobe

So by now, most people know about the dispute between Adobe and Microsoft in regards to the Save to PDF feature that Microsoft wanted to add into its Office 2007 lineup (see here for the initial announcements that were made during the 2005 Global MVP Summit). Unfortunately, Adobe seems to have put the brakes onto this idea. Microsoft will still make Save to PDF available to its customers; however, it will come in the form of a free download.

I don't understand Adobe's stance on this matter. Why can other companies add this functionality to their programs (Corel products such as Wordperfect, CorelDraw etc). Even other Microsoft products have some form of Save to PDF available (Office for Macs).

Here are a couple of links to other sites (that take opposing viewpoints) that talk about this...

Brian Jones - Microsoft Office PM
Joe Wilcox - JupiterResearch Senior Analyst

Unfortunately, the customer loses no matter which side is 'correct'.

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