Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Networking issues: Xbox 360 Extender/Vista Beta 2

Here are a couple of known issues and workarounds if you are having network connectivity issues between Microsoft Vista Beta 2 and the Media Center/Xbox360 Extender.

Network Category must be set to Private to Add an Extender

Description: When a network card is added to the PC the Network Category is set to Public by default and the Windows firewall is configured to prevent discover of Upnp Devices on the network. This discovery is required to find the Media Center Extender on the network.

Resolution: Change your network category in network center from "public" to "private". You can do this in the Network Center (This activity will require admin rights):

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Choose "Network and Internet"
  3. Choose "Network Center"
  4. In the network details section, Choose "Switch Category" until the network category says "private network".
  5. Restart task to Add Extender

Xbox 360 is stuck on the contacting screen and the Vista Media Center based PC is connected over wireless.

Description: If the Vista Media Center based PC is connected to the network with a wireless network card, and the network information was not saved for anyone using the computer, then the network could disconnect every time the Media Center Extender connects.

Resolution: To save your wireless network configuration for all users, remove the wireless profile from the Vista Media Center based PC and re-add it as an all user profile setting.

  1. Select the start menu and "Network" on the right side.
  2. In the Network window menu select "Network Center".
  3. On the left pane select "Network List"
  4. Select "Reorder Wireless Networks" from the menu
  5. Highlight the Wireless Network you wish to remove and select Remove from the menu
  6. Re-add profile by select network tray icon and select "connect to..."
  7. Connect to the network and save the profile by checking "Save this Network" and "Make this network available to anyone."

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