Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pre-Convocation Get-Together

With the Convocation for the Faculty of Environmental Studies in the morning, it was pretty clear that it would be difficult to really organize a get-together right after the Convocation ceremony. We had talked about having a get-together pre-convocation way back in December, and Craig took the initiative of pulling everything together.

We met up at the Huether, a popular hangout for us in Uptown Waterloo. While we have things like telephone and MSN to help us contact each other, it really doesn't compare to actually meeting up in person. Everyone updated each other on current situations, and for those with business cards, we did the obligatory card exchange. It was also a night where we bought up previous memories, and shared our plans and hopes for the future.

Here are a few pictures.

Natalie, me and Craig

Natalie, me, Dawn, Craig, Joe and Lindsay

Look close!

Of course, with convocation, not everyone could make it for any number of reasons. Ben Petch was one of these people. In his own words, he...

Graduated, got a job and drove to Yellowknife to work for the City.

Since the commute between Waterloo and Yellowknife isn't the exactly the easiest trip to make, Ben decided to grace us with his presense in an alternate manner; hence, the bottle of Baby Duck Sparkling Wine with a modified label.

More about Convocation to come shortly (including pictures).

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