Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Toronto International Airport Wi-Fi Update

Just noticed that the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) announced that Lester B Pearson International Airport in Toronto now has Wi-Fi service in Terminal 1.

They also announced that Wi-Fi negotiations for Terminal 3 was recently completed and that they look forward to announcing the introduction of this service in the near future.

Now, what they don't tell you in the press release is that the Wi-Fi service is not free. I called them yesterday and was told that service would cost either:

  • $9.95 for a 24 hour day pass; or,
  • $6.95 for 15 minutes, and 25¢ for each additional minute.

It is disappointing that this service will not be free. Robert Scoble blogged free Wi-Fi being rare in airports, and he reports that Rex Hammock has started a list of US airports that offer free Wi-Fi service. Anyone know of a list for non-US airports?

Now, for those that dislike paying for stuff that ought to be free, here is a tip for those who want free Wi-Fi access in airports where there is an Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge. If you find this lounge, you can get free Wi-Fi access via the wireless spillover that invariably occurs. Currently, the list of cities that I know with these Maple Leaf lounges include Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saint John's and Los Angeles, with more to come.

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