Friday, June 30, 2006

Updated NVidia PureVideo Decoder

NVidia just released an update to its PureVideo Decoder, taking it up to version 1.02-223. As discussed before in a previous blog entry 'Media Center, MPEG2 Decoders, Now and the Future', this is one of the most commonly used MPEG2 decoders for Media Center.

What’s New in Version 1.02-223

From the release notes, version 1.02-223 of the NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder includes the following changes and fixes since version 1.02-196:

Feature Change

  • Removed the Smart De-interlacing mode.
    Use the NVIDIA Control Panel to control driver cadence - (the ATI driver provides this functionality in the Catalyst Control Center as well)

Windows Media Player

  • Windows Media Player 10: Fixed a problem where playback of some transport stream files, such as MPEG2 HD, resulted in an “unsupported file type” error message stating that Windows Media Player cannot play the file.
  • Windows Media Player 10: Fixed a problem where playing a DVD in overlay mode and then switching between windowed and full-screen DOS resulted in a gray video window.

Decoder APIs

  • Fixed a memory leak in the trp demux GetProgramInfo() interface.
  • Fixed a probelm where the PureVideo Decoder did not play an HD stream from a recorded source.

The 30 day trial is available at the NVidia PureVideo Decoder download site (along with the 30 day trial activation information). Those with previous versions can upgrade using the download at this site, and your existing activation information.

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