Friday, June 02, 2006

Want to test Media Center Extenders?

If you are interested in testing some of the eHome team's latest and greatest software, Matt Goyer just posted an interesting item on his blog (found here).

Want to beta test our latest and greatest stuff? If you’re into MCX you can sign up to be a XBox Media Center Extender tester. Or if you’re in the Seattle area we’re having a Windows Vista install fair June 10th at the Redmond campus. Bring your PC and we’ll install Vista on it. If you’re interested email me and I’ll forward you an email with more details.

Above is two ways you can get involved if you are interested. I can tell you from past experience that while there are never any guarantees, if they are happy with your feedback, your chances of continuing to test various items improves a lot.

You can e-mail Matt at the following e-mail address... Matt.Goyer *at* microsoft *dot* com

Update: June 2, 2006 - For the Xbox Media Center Extender test: "We had an overwhelming amount of volunteers for this beta test. The testing pool is now full. We thank you for your interest."

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