Thursday, June 29, 2006

When did I become the Social Convenor?

Through a conversation that I had with Ben, a fellow planner who is now in Yellowknife, he commented that I had become the new social convenor. Upon further reflection, he is not too far from the truth.

Over the past three days, I have organized get-togethers for three various groups of people, from my volunteer committee for the tennis tournament (yes, I will start blogging about that soon, as things are really starting to get underway now), to high school friends, to university friends. Granted, all of them were nothing super fancy; it was simply a meet and eat and talk type of event.

The get-together with several of my high school friends was a going-away dinner for one of my friends. She had decided to move out west to Calgary so we had to do something before she left. It was a fun dinner, and having my brother there as the sacrificial lamb at the table certainly made for some lively banter (things certainly have not changed at all since our ICCL days). All the best in your move out west, Steph. I am sure you will have a blast out there.

Last night, a bunch of us planners got together at Duff's Famous Wings. With Duff's being well known in Toronto for its wings as noted by the name of the restaurant, we were lucky to even get seating for our whole party. It was nice to see everyone together again as it was a different group than the ones that convocated a couple weeks ago (i.e. they either convocated last year [due to the split regular/co-op stream], missed convocation, or will convocate next year). Shannon came in from Burlington with her boyfriend to join us, which was nice since I haven't seen her since the Oxford trip. Rickett was his usual rowdy self; there's nothing like having beers with him while he shares new stories about his work at the TRCA and the latest from Stratford. With Rickett, Isaiah and Lindsay present, it was a nice reunion for them... one of these days, Mat and Andy will need to come up to re-live their Dublin stories. Vince and his girlfriend, Irene also came out [still waiting for those Tibet pics], as did Emily. We should definitely do this more often, and it seems like there will be more opportunities over this summer and beyond.

Ben says that he will take up the reins of being the social convenor when he returns from Yellowknife. I'll believe it when I see him move back here to Southern Ontario. Until then, I guess I better get started on the invites for a barbeque with my high school friends in mid-July.

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