Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Urban Forum - Information dissemination through blogging

Continuing on with my blog entry about the World Urban Forum being held in Vancouver, I thought it would be interesting to direct people interested in this topic toward a blog that in its own words:

... will answer your questions and to point the way to events, issues and people that will maximize your ability to benefit from the World Urban Forum.

The World Urban Forum blog is being written (or ghost-written) by Charles Kelly, who was appointed by the Government of Canada to be the Commissioner General of the Secretariat for World Urban Forum 3.

Over the last few days, he has blogged about some great topics with the aim of generating discussion, including Mobilizing citizens to make cities more liveable, Changing the Shape of Cities, Sustainability – What does it mean? and Showing the way! Tomorrow’s Urban Leaders can Guide Us to the Future.

In his latest entry, he discusses how youths of the world are already helping to solve the most dangerous and difficult challenges facing cities today such as crime, poverty, slums, HIV, water, poor sanitation, illiteracy and hunger. He notes that while "it is more than evident that we of the older generation do not have a monopoly on ideas", that older folks do currently hold the all important purse strings. I believe this highlights one of the reasons why networking is so important. The ability to listen to new ideas and to engage in dialogue will do nothing but wonders when you need to make a pitch to people coming from all different backgrounds and/or professions.

Whether you agree with the topics that Chris Kelly is blogging about or not, think about what kind of impact you can make, whether it is on a global scale, or even something in your local community. Talk to people, exchange ideas, learn from mistakes, try new approaches... this is what they are doing at the World Urban Forum. Read about what they are discussing through the WUF blog, and hopefully you can get involved in the process in your own way.

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