Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Last week, there was a rather sizable increase in readership to this blog. This was because Jon Wertheim, a senior writer for Sports Illustrated with a column on the CNN/Sports Illustrated website, linked to my blog. You can find the link on the third page of Jon's July 19th column in the Marginalia section. Apparently, Kevin from Toronto, a reader of my blog, sent this link to Jon. Thanks to both Jon and Kevin for noticing my blog. Jon, if you come to Toronto this year, come by the Transportation desk and say hello. It would be nice to meet the man behind the column and one of my main sources of tennis information.

With the Rogers Cup fast approaching, our final preparations for the tournament are in full swing. My volunteer committee, responsible for Transportation of players, officials and other guests at the tournament, had its Orientation meeting, where approximately 115 volunteers in attendance were presented with information about the tournament, and other operational details specific to our committee. Such items included instructions on volunteer-player interaction etiquette (i.e. volunteer cannot ask a player for pictures/autographs while on duty/in uniform, etc), information about the vehicles that we are driving (i.e. instructions on how to best utilize the vehicles that have been provided by Mercedes Benz), directions to the locations that the players would need transportation to, and airport passenger pickup procedures.

The Orientation meeting is also a time where many of the volunteers renew acquaintances with one another. For many of the volunteers in our committee, seeing one another for the first time since the end of the previous tournament is an opportunity to strengthen the camaraderie amongst many people from different walks of life that share a common interest, tennis. In my mind, this has got to be one of the greatest intangible benefits of volunteering for this event.

While the Rogers Cup tournament officially starts on August 5, the Transportation Committee begins operations on August 2. In the upcoming days, as time permits, I will blog more about the tournament and some of the things that we do.

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