Monday, July 17, 2006

Xbox 360 Extender in Vista for ALL regions (build 5472)

Microsoft released Windows Vista Build 5472.5 (winmain_idx01.060713-1900) to its managed beta testers. To those that have access to it, it is available at

The biggest impact of this new build, as it relates to Media Center, is that this is the first version of Windows Vista that has Xbox 360 Extender support for all regions. This means that those in non-North American locales can now use their Xbox 360s as Media Center Extenders in Microsoft Vista.

This is great news for those living outside of North America who have been waiting to test this feature in the Vista Beta.

One additional feature that has been added to the Xbox 360 Extender in this build is Zoom support. Through the use of these Zoom modes, you can enhance viewing of recorded material that is in a different aspect ratio compared to your display. As an example, the Zoom mode would make 4:3 content fill a 16:9 screen. While this Zoom feature was available in the Xbox 360 Extender when it was coupled with Media Center 2005, this Vista beta release is the first to re-integrate Zoom support.

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Anonymous said...

Finally, testers from the UK can use Xbox 360 Extender functionality in Vista. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

What about XBOX 1.0 extender support. Will Vsta support it?

Jason said...

Xbox 1.0 Extender and other V1 Extenders won't be supported in Vista. See here for details.