Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Matt Goyer is leaving Microsoft

Matt Goyer, a member of the Microsoft eHome team, announced today in his blog that he is leaving Microsoft.

I first met Matt at the 2005 MVP Summit, but I had heard of him before he even went to Microsoft.

Matt went to the same university as I did (University of Waterloo). As a result, I assume that he had Larry Smith as a professor for an economics class at some point during his university career.

For those of you who don't know who Larry Smith is, he is one of those professors that everyone at a university knows about. You know those classes that people take because of a famous professor? Larry Smith was one of 'those' professors. He even won a Distinguished Teaching award in 1993.

Anyways, I had heard that there was a website with Larry Smith's famous quotes, so I searched for it. It was that action that brought me to Matt's website which had a page called 'Larry Smith Lingo & Prof Quotes'. From there, I learned about Matt's interests, including his work with digital music (i.e. his accomplishments with Fairtunes). I wasn't the only one at the University who read about Matt, as even the university newspaper, Imprint, wrote up an article about Matt and Fairtunes. Perhaps you might have even read about Matt and Fairtunes in Time Magazine.

In and around that time, I was beta testing Freestyle (Media Center 2002) and thought that it might be cool to somehow link the concepts brought forward by Freestyle and Fairtunes together. Fast forward a couple of years, and I discovered that Matt Goyer was working for Microsoft in the eHome team, through his Media Center Blog.

For those that don't know Matt through his blog, one of the places that you may have seen the results of his work is through the TweakMCE tool. Other areas of Media Center that he was involved in are listed on his blog.

I wish Matt all the best for the future. While Matt won't be at Microsoft anymore, I'm sure that we'll be hearing more about him, no matter what technological niche he chooses to work on. Microsoft will definitely have some big shoes to fill as a result of his departure.

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