Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How to troubleshoot ATSC issues in MCE

Media Center has supported ATSC OTA high definition television in the US since the release of Media Center 2005 (with Update Rollup 1). Unfortunately, ATSC reception is not officially supported in Canada, even though those living close to the border can (in most cases) receive these signals without issue.

Despite this lack of support, a fellow Canadian Media Center MVP, Peter Near, has published a detailed rundown of some the ATSC reception issues that you might run into with Media Center based on his recent experiences in trying to get it working right.

Among the issues listed (along with viable solutions/workarounds) include:

  • Incorrect Channel Information in MCE
  • Incorrect Data in the Data Stream

For more information about ATSC OTA HDTV support in Media Center, here are a listing of useful guides that should broaden your understanding of the subject:

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Scott said...

Cool. Now if we could only have QAM support in MCE.

Jason said...

Unfortunately, QAM won't officially be supported. I suppose people might be able to get it to work; however, those people shouldn't expect Microsoft to support it.