Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Male Restroom Etiquette

This video, with the title Male Restroom Etiquette, was posted on Youtube and has been making the rounds recently. Measuring in at 9m 56s long, it is a humerous video that should be given a viewing.

The movie says that the sanctity and renown efficiency of the 'loo' have been preserved by a social contract stating types of behaviour that are appropriate and types of behaviour that are not.

Highlights from the four major sections include:

  1. Efficiency - "Waste no time. Walk in, do your business, wash your hands and walk out."
  2. Urinal Selection - "Always select the urinal that is as far away as possible from men using other urinals." ... "Under no circumstances, two adjacent urinals should be used at the same time." ... "Leave or come back later, or use a stall."
  3. Flushing - "In most cases, urinal flushing is optional. Over time, the water will become a rich orange, at which time, flushing widely considered to be mandatory. As for commodes, the rule is, without qualification, always flush when you are finished. When you come across an unflushed commode, leave it alone and use another."
  4. Noise Pollution - "In general, any noise in a public restroom which does not emanate from the plumbing, is considered extremely undesirable." ... "Speech is your enemy. Never ever under any circumstance say a single word while within a bathroom. Not to a friend, not to a lover, not to Jesus himself. Violation of this precip grates against all good things and the way of nature, corrodes the efficiency of the bathroom and places the very fabric of our civilization in peril."
All men of the world can find common ground in these simple rules of evacuation etiquette, and the world will be one step closer to peace and harmony, knowing one day, we will collectively wipe poor hygiene habits from the face of mankind.

Check it out, and enjoy (trust me, not only are the words important, but the delivery is what sets it apart). Thanks to 'Overman' of Zarathustra Studios for creating this video.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jason, thanks for a mention of my film. Glad you enjoyed it enough to share!

Jason said...

It's a great video. Glad to see that many others are enjoying your work!