Thursday, September 28, 2006

Microsoft Releases Zune Pricing and Availability Date

Microsoft announced that the Zune digital media player will be available to customers in the US on November 14, 2006. The Estimated Retail Price is $249.99 USD.

People who buy this devide will get the following:

  • 30GB digital media player will come equipped with wireless functionality for Zune-to-Zune sharing of music, pictures and home recordings; a bright, three-inch LCD video screen that works in portrait or landscape mode to view pictures and videos; and a built-in FM tuner. The device will be available in three colors: black, brown and white.
  • A selection of preloaded content including songs, music videos and film shorts are installed on the device’s hard drive to help consumers discover new artists and entertainment.

Zune makes it easy to find music you love — whether it’s songs in your existing library or new music from the Zune Marketplace:

  • Its dynamic music service will be continually updated with new content and experiences so there is always something to discover. The Zune Marketplace lets users browse and purchase songs individually.
  • A Zune Pass subscription gives consumers access to millions of songs for $14.99 per month.
  • Users can purchase songs individually using Microsoft Points for 79 points per track. Similar to a pre-paid phone card, Microsoft Points is a stored value system that can be redeemed at a growing number of online stores, including the Xbox Live Marketplace.

In addition to the rich service and Zune-to-Zune sharing capabilities available at launch, the built-in wireless technology and powerful software provide a strong foundation for Zune to continue to build new shared experiences around music and video.

For more information, see the following press release.

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Anonymous said...

What about Canadians?

Jason said...

Nothing has been announced for non-US countries. Hopefully it will be available in Canada, and other markets. We shall see.