Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mobile Recording for Media Center Computers

Casey Chesnut, one of the newest Media Center MVPs, is also quite the developer. He's written quite a few apps for Media Center in addition to other technologies, but I wanted to point out one application that he recently wrote up that I think is really cool.

/mobileRecord is essentially a bot running on your Media Center computer that operates over MSN/Windows Live Instant Messenger network. Using this bot, and a mobile device (or any other computer with the appropriate IM client), you can scheduling recordings on an Media Center PC.

I could attempt to further elaborate on how this application works, but you'd probably be better off visiting Casey's /mobileRecord website for more details. At this site, you'll find:

  • An introduction to /mobileRecord
  • An explanation of the architecture behind /mobileRecord
  • A demo mode of the bot
  • Installation instructions
  • A listing of the features of the program
  • A listing of the limitations of the program
  • Usage and troubleshooting tips
  • Information about the development process of this app
  • Sample videos of the application in action

Also take the time to browse the rest of Casey's website to see some of the other apps that he has developed. Who knows, you might find something else that will pique your interest.

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