Monday, October 30, 2006

HDTV Antenna Update

Here's an update on my HDTV Antenna install (see the first part here). Stuck the antenna to the chimney of my house using antenna straps. It survived an extremely windy Sunday, so I'm confident it was a good install. I must admit, I should have put the antenna on the another corner of the chimney (I was trying to beat the incoming rain on Friday, so I didn't think things through as much as I should have).

What's next? I've purchased a DViCO Fusion HDTV5 USB Gold tv tuner which should be arranging tomorrow. I'll be able to watch off-the-air HDTV on my computer (either within Media Center or with DViCO's supplied programs), and I'll be able to figure out the signal strength of each station (my current Viewsonic N3252W LCD TV does not have such a meter). With this data, I'll know if a pre-amp will be useful for me, at which time I'll go back up on the roof and fix my mistake.

Here's a picture of the antenna on the chimney.


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Anonymous said...

Good crack! Very Cool!

ami said...

Well done
Problem with these antennas is the wind blows and you lose reception

Looks like you got a good one though

Great job on the install

HDTV reviews

chimney liner said...

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