Monday, October 30, 2006

V2 Media Center Extender Announcment from Linksys

It appears as though Linksys has announced the future availability of a V2 Media Center Extender (aka Pika). In addition to acting as an Extender in Vista, it is also a networked DiVX and DVD player, able to play DivX-, XviD-, Nero-Digital-, MPEG-1/-2-/4- and WMV9 encoded video, as well as MP3 files and audio CD's.

For more information, see the following link - [ Hardware.Info ] - Linksys announces network ready DiVX/DVD player

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Anonymous said...

I looked at the article and pictures and could not see a HDMI socket (I could see Scart, Component, Composite, S-Video).

What leads you to believe it has HDMI? Even the XBox360 still does not :-(

Jason said...

Where did I write that it did?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they'll take our MCXs in part exchange since they won't work in Vista! And I'm fine with no HDMI because neither of our HDTVs have them. Early adopters suffer but component works just fine for us.

Anonymous said...

I would avoid the linksys extenders. I have had a version 1 externder for a year and a half. When it works, it works great. Unfortunately, it never operated consistently. The concept is awesome. Execution was way off the mark. Every couple of days you have to hard boot (power off). The audio just quit on me. Completely. No sound. Linksys stopped selling and supporting them shortly after I bought mine. Now they want $30/hour for support. Don't buy one!

Anonymous said...

I would stay away from linksys extender as well. The mere fact that they stopped supporting them shortly after making them and did not make any new firmware to work w/ vista is unaceptable. Go with D-link or Niveous instead.