Thursday, November 16, 2006

ATI Driver Updates - Catalyst 6.11 and Theater 550/660 drivers

ATI released updated drivers for its Radeon 9500 and higher video cards and tv tuner cards based on the Theater 550/660 chipset.

For those of you using Windows XP Media Center 2005, these drivers should be useful to you.

Direct links to the download pages are available here.

Among the main features of the Catalyst 6.11 drivers include

  • Fixes so that 3DMark03, PCMark05, Rome: Total War, Rush For Berlin, Tomb Raider Legend and Window-Eyes Professional v5.0 work better in certain scenarios.
  • Plugging a TV into s-video out connector, followed by entering to display manager and clicking detect displays no longer results in the TV failing to be detected.
  • Using the Uninstall Utility to remove the display driver or Catalyst Control Center no longer results in portions of third party applications also being uninstalled.
  • Performance Increases - A performance increase is noticed in Call of Duty 2. Performance improves as much as 12.5% at 19x12 settings and as much as 10.5% at 12x10 settings on X1900 Software Crossfire configurations. Largest gains seen with 4xAA enabled.

One Media Center related fix is the following:

Connecting two display devices on a system running the Windows MCE operating system and enabling extended desktop mode no longer results in display corruption being noticed when dragging and placing a window between the two display devices.

Additional updates can be found at the release notes link at the above Driver download link.

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