Friday, November 24, 2006

ATSC in Canada with Windows Vista

Now that Microsoft's Windows Vista has been finalized, fellow Media Center MVP Peter Near has updated his ATSC instructions for those of us living in Canada. This is essentially what I had to do to make ATSC work as described in my recent blog posting, Media Center in Vista.

You will need basically the following items to pull this off:

  • A computer with Microsoft Windows Vista (you can do the same with Media Center 2005, those instructions can be found here)
  • A decent ATSC tuner for your PC. I am personally using a DViCO Fusion HDTV5 USB Gold, Peter notes some other cards in his instructions.
  • A good quality UHF antenna appropriate for your area

You can read about some of my experiences with the above three items in my blog entries, First Foray into HDTV, HDTV Antenna Update, HDTV Antenna Update Part 2, and Media Center in Vista.

For the detailed bits of getting ATSC to work in Canada (including screenshots of all the important steps), please follow this link to Peter's ATSC in Canada with Media Center Vista (RTM) blog entry.

Thanks Peter for this great guide (and all the other helpful bits of advice along the way).

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