Wednesday, November 01, 2006

HDTV Antenna Update Part 2

Continuing on from my last HDTV Antenna Update...

The DViCO Fusion HDTV5 USB Gold tv tuner that we ordered last week finally arrived. Since the weather was nice, I decided to go back up on the roof to fix up the antenna install.

Here is an additional picture of the install (it is now on the proper side of the chimney relative to where it is being aimed which I've calculated to be 160 degrees east of magnetic north).


I'm pretty much getting all the channels I expected to, except for WGRZ (NBC). Here is a listing of stations that I am receiving, along with signal strength information:

  • 4-1 WIVB-HD (4-2 Radar, 4-3 WNLO-SD) - 83%, 22.6 db
  • 5-1 CBLT-DT - 100%, 27.6 db
  • 7-1 WKBW-HD (7-2 WNGS-SD) - 71%, 19.2 db
  • 9-1 CFTO HD - 84%, 23.4 db
  • 23-1 WIVB-HD (23-2 Radar, 23-3 WNLO-SD) - 87%, 23.1 db
  • 25-1 CBLFT-D - 97%, 26.3 db
  • 29-1 WUTV-HD (29-2 WUTV-SD) - 95%, 24.4 db
  • 33-1 (suspect this is WGRZ?) - bounces between 0 and 18%, 6.1 db
  • 43-1 WNED-HD (43-2 WNED-SD, 43-3 WNED-Th) - 80%, 21.7 db
  • 44-1 OMNI 2 - 100%, 33.3 db
  • 57-1 CITYHD - 100%, 27.6 db
  • 64-1 OMNI 1 - 91%, 24.4 db
  • 66-1 CKXT-DT - 64%, 17.4 db

What's next? I'll try to adjust the antenna some more so that I can get WGRZ. Once that is done, I'll bring the cable from the antenna into my house on a much more direct route (it is currently running around the house and through my back door). Then the signal gets split four ways. I'll need to look into possibility purchasing a pre-amp and/or a distribution amp. Once all this is done, then it is on to hooking up my Media Center computer to record this ATSC HDTV content.

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1 comment:

Scott said...

I'll be following your progress with interest. I recently bought one of those tuners and I'm not completely impressed with it. I was hoping to use it for unencrypted QAM from my cable operator but I doesn't tune all the QAM channels I know I can get (my TV has a QAM tuner so I know for sure). Sadly, MCE doesn't support QAM anyway and the Divco software is horrible (when compared with MCE).
I actually DO get a couple HD stations with the little antenna that is supplied with the Dvico USB box but I think I'll try an external antenna as well. Ideally this would go in the attic because I'm not sure if I can have a big antenna outside the house so I'll have to see how that goes.
Keep us posted.