Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nintendo Wii

So I lined up for a Nintendo Wii this morning. I arrived at the Best Buy on Laird Dr in Toronto at 4:45 am. Ended up being 25 out of 74 (I admit, I sort of cheated, as my brother Gary and his friend Benny 'saved' a spot in line for me since midnight). Store opened at 8:00 am, and we were back home by around 8:45 am or so.

There definitely was a need to line up early, as many people who came later did not go home with a console. Even as we left, we still saw people lining up down the street at Future Shop, which was slated to open much later (10:00am).

The base unit, priced at $279 CDN, came with the following items:

  1. Wii Console
  2. Wii Console Stand
  3. Wii Remote
  4. Nunchuk
  5. Sensor Bar
  6. Wii AC Adapter
  7. Wii AV Cable
  8. Wii Sports Disc

Also picked up an additional Remote for $44.95 and Nunchuk for $24.99 and a couple of games.

I also had an American Express coupon which gave us $30 off on any Best Buy purchase over $300, so we even managed to save a bit of money.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the Nintendo Wii is its unique controller. The Wii Remote is both wireless and motion-sensitive and it offers an intuitive, natural way to play games. The ergonomic controller plays into the conventional motions you might make everyday. On other consoles, if you wanted to hit a drum, swing a tennis racket or swing a bat, you would use your thumbs on a controller to perform the movement. With the Wii Remote, you can use regular motions to help make you the center of the game. For example, when you hit the ball while playing tennis or baseball, you actually simulate a swinging motion to hit the ball, or to punch someone in boxing, you perform a punching movement.

The Nunchuk controller plugs into Remote and expands the amount of things you can do. Two examples given include first-person shooters and a football game. In first-person shooters, the controller carries the burden of movement, freeing you to aim and fire using a more natural motion with the Wii Remote. In a football game, you can make your quarterback elusive with the Nunchuk controller while you look for an open receiver to throw to using the Wii Remote.

Here are some pictures.....

Picture of the Nintendo Wii

Nanchuk and Remote

Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Player, Microsoft Xbox 360 (unfortunately, I don't think a Sony Playstation 3 is in the cards anytime soon, if ever)

Both systems going at the same time (Wii Sports: Bowling vs. Gears of War)

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am now jealous of your Nintendo Wii.

Shouldn't I be working right now?

Anonymous said...

Hi there! just saw your blog my chance. I also own a X360 and am thinking of getting a Wii... could you tell us what you think about your Wii?
is it really a good complement to the X360? or once you have since game like Gear of Wars the Wii just doesn't do it?
As you guessed, I am looking forward to your first impression as a WII owner!

Jason said...

I think it's a good complement to the Xbox 360. Granted, Xbox 360 can do so much other items (Media Center Extender, HD DVD Playback etc), but as a game system, the unique control features of the Wii brings gaming to a whole different level.

The price is right too, so I felt that it was worth it for me to keep it. Plus, you can never have too many toys! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a reporter with the Toronto Star. Really. I'm doing a story on Wii-related injuries or damage to household furniture/appliances. You've probably seen the stories, which I'll drop links to below, but I'm looking for someone in Toronto or surrounding area who has felt sore the next morning after playing the Wii, busted up their hand or knocked over a lamp, for example. If this is you, and this is open to pretty much anyone in Ontario, though the closer to Toronto the better, can you email me at The story is due Thursday so I'd have to hear from you soon.

Links below:
(DESCRIPTION on photog's profile: My friend broke a light/fan fixture playng the Wii last night.)

Anonymous said...

I got myNintendo Wii Today and i love it.

Anonymous said... that a normal computer LCD monitor you're using to play the WII and the XBOX360. Do you mind telling me how you connected the WII with your LCD monitor?

Jason said...

That's the Viewsonic N3251w LCD Monitor. Just uses the normal AV inputs.

Anonymous said...

heyy..i was just did you kno that that best buy would be having a wii? is there like a website or like some special way of finding out?