Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our basement is finally clean!

For any of my friends and/or who have had the (mis)fortune of visiting the basement of our house, many have been all too kind to not mention the horrible state of disarray that it has been in for the last decade or so (if not longer). If anyone ever picked up on this, there was a reason why my house was never offered up as a meeting place for group projects (this, along with the fact that people would get lost trying to find my house).

As a constant source of embarrassment for my parents, they have been on my case for as long as I can remember to clean up the area. But we know how that type of a plea can fall on deaf ears, especially when it is so easy to maintain the status quo.

While I don't have a proper 'before' picture, here is one picture that gives you a glimpse of how bad our basement was (at times, it was even worse than this).

Thanks to our acquisition of the Nintendo Wii, the above state of the basement did not allow enough space to get the most out of the game play offered by the Nintendo Wii controllers. Over the last week, my brother and I have cleaned out the basement to a point where we now have enough space for the Wii, and I am still be able to have my Media Center computer setup along with all the networking components and any other necessary cabling items. This clean-up task was completed last night with the relocation of the cables under the table where the tv is now located. Here is the 'after' shot.

As you can see, there is a lot of space for up to four people to play on the Wii, there is more desk space for my computer (on the left side of the above picture), and all the network infrastructure (switch, access points, cable modem, VOIP gateway etc) is now centralized and more importantly, organized. As a bonus, I even have a dual monitor setup on my computer now (my mom was wondering where her LCD monitor went... she eventually found it in its new home).

LCD HDTV with the Xbox 360, Xbox 360 HD DVD Player and the Nintendo Wii. Off to the left, you can see all the networking gear.

Media Center computer with dual monitor setup. I have my normal desktop on one monitor and Media Center on the other monitor)

My parents are (more or less) happy with the outcome, but don't tell them that a game console was what finally prompted me to take action!

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