Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0)

Microsoft released its Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) software today for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) provides a way to use any new Terminal Services features introduced in Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” from a computer running Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1.

The following are new features found in this Remote Desktop Connection update:

  • Network Level Authentication - Network Level Authentication is a new authentication method that finishes user authentication before you establish a full Remote Desktop Connection and the logon screen appears.
  • Server authentication - Server authentication verifies that you are connecting to the correct remote computer or server. This security measure helps prevent you from connecting to a different computer or server than you intend. This also prevents you from unintentionally exposing confidential information.
  • Resource redirection - The Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 client update helps you redirect Plug and Play devices that support redirection.
  • Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway) servers - A Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway) server is a type of gateway that enables authorized users to connect to remote computers on a corporate network. These authorized users can connect from any computer by using an Internet connection. TS Gateway uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) together with the HTTPS protocol to help create a more secure, encrypted connection.
  • TS Remote Programs - TS Remote Programs is a feature of Windows Server Terminal Services that lets client computers connect to a remote computer and use programs that are installed on it.
  • Monitor spanning - Remote Desktop Connection supports high-resolution displays that can be spanned across multiple monitors. However, the total resolution on all monitors must be under 4,096 x 2,048.
  • Visual improvements - Remote Desktop Connection now supports 32-bit color and font smoothing.

You can find the downloads here:

More information can be found in this release's Knowledge Base article (KB925876).

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Anonymous said...

For anyone hoping to connect to Vista machines using Network Layer Authentication, you will be disappointed. Although the download page states Remote Desktop Client 6.0 has this feature, it does not work in Windows XP.

Jason said...

NLA depends on the computer having an operating system that has this feature. Windows XP doesn't (though I've heard rumours that there might be a QFE released at some point that would enable this).

We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

@ jason,

If WinXP does not have NLA, then what is the NLA service that I have running ?

Network Location Awareness (NLA)
Collects and stores network configuration and location information, and notifies applications when this information changes.

Jason said...

Network Level Authentication is not the same as Network Location Awareness.

They may have the same acronyms, but that's about it.

Unknown said...

What gets *my* goat is that I just bought a Vista Ultimate upgrade so I could remote-connect from other machines in my house to the Vista box. All other boxes are running XP SP2 and some SP3(beta). 1 of the 4 machines can connect to the Vista box. What's with that?!