Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Auto vs Motorized Bollard... Curiousity Satisifed

When I was in Europe last spring, I recall seeing many places use automated or motorized bollards to restrict vehicular access into various areas. I was always curious as to what would happen if a car got caught going over one at the wrong time. You know you had these same thoughts too!

Thanks to Youtube, I have satisifed my curiousity. Check it out!

<a href="">Video Link</a>

In the words of Dmitry Tursunov, this is "impossible to watch without a condescending smile."

It is too bad we won't see any of these motorized bollards in Canada, as our weather is likely too extreme for these to last any given amount of time.

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Anonymous said...

The SUV's probably done. Even the airbag went off!

What are these people thinking? Idiots.

Anonymous said...

The Herb Alpert soundtrack makes it doubly funny.

Anonymous said...

1. Herb Alpert rocks
2. That would suck, hardcore.