Friday, December 22, 2006

IIS in Media Center 2005 (or earlier)

The question of whether Internet Information Services (IIS) is included in Media Center 2005 has come up all too often on the Media Center newsgroups over the last week or so. As a result, here is the answer.

Media Center 2005 (and previous versions 2002 and 2004) have always included IIS 5.1, which is similar to what is included in Windows XP Professional. This should come as no surprise, as Media Center is built on the Windows XP Professional platform. Because of this common platform, the same restrictions on IIS 5.1 in Windows XP Professional also exist in the IIS that comes with Media Center.

IIS 5.1 for Windows XP Professional or Media Center is designed for users developing a Web service for home or for office use. It can service only 10 simultaneous client connections, only one Web site, and it does not have all the features of the server versions. If you need the features of the server versions of IIS, you'll need to use Windows Server 2003.

To install IIS on a Media Center computer (or XP Pro), follow these instructions:

  1. Goto Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs
  2. Goto Add/Remove Windows Components
  3. Scroll down to the Internet Information Services (IIS) item and check the selection
  4. Hit the Next button, and then Finish to complete the setup.

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steve Tang said...

I have successfully install the IIS v5.1, but when i open the default web properties i don't see the tab as i see in XP pro. Can you help??

Anonymous said...

As for installing iis on on windows xp media center information on the following link did the trick for me..