Saturday, December 02, 2006

Microsoft Hardware Vista Support

Microsoft has made available software and information to enable Microsoft Hardware devices to work with Windows Vista.

There is now software available for the following hardware devices:

  • Mouse (IntelliPoint) and keyboard (IntelliType) Hardware beta device software for Windows Vista is now available.
  • Webcam (LifeCam) software to work with Windows Vista will be available in January.
  • Fingerprint Reader software posted is final, not beta, software.

Final software for keyboards and mice will be available by end of December 2006.

The software installation links are as follows:

For more information, see the Microsoft Hardware Windows Vista Support website.

Update: December 09, 2006 - Intellitype Pro and Intellipoint are now out of beta. See the blog entry, Intellipoint and Intellitype Pro Final for Vista released, for more details.

Update: January 03, 2006 - Updated links to Microsoft's website

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Anonymous said...

Why no 64 bit support for the Fingerprint reader? sigh

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing. Microsoft sure are doing a piss poor job of pushing 64 bit to the masses... they should be leading by example, but instead they are as equal in their unenthusiastic embrace of 64bit as any other company.

Anonymous said...

Any word on Vista support for the LifeCam?

Jason said...

It has not been released yet. It should be out shortly. Keep checking the Microsoft Hardware Vista Support site. I would expect it very soon now.