Tuesday, December 12, 2006

V2 Extenders vs MCE2005

We all know the story about V1 Extenders and how they won't work with Vista (see previous blog postings, V1 Media Center Extenders vs. Vista and Additional Information on v1 Extenders/Vista for that story). However, another question that has come up recently in the newsgroups and TGB forums is whether upcoming V2 Extenders would work in Media Center 2005.

I finally got a definitive answer from my sources at Microsoft, and it is the following:

The Media Center Extender Platform Adaptation Kit enables partners to build Extenders for use with Windows Vista. Because Extender technology is a superset of the PlaysForSure device program, these devices will also be able to connect to Windows Media Connect/Windows Media Player Network Sharing running on Media Center 2005 PCs. They will not, however, connect to Media Center 2005 as Extenders.

Note that when I say V2 Extenders, an Xbox 360 would, for all intents and purposes, not be considered to be a V2 Extender, as it will, in many scenarios, exceed what a V2 Extender can do. I would further elaborate on this, but unfortunately, I don't have any information that I can publicly disclose at the moment.

Basically, to summarize:

  • V1 Extenders will work as an Extender on MCE 2005 only;
  • V2 Extenders will work as an Extender on Vista only; and,
  • Xbox 360 will work as an Extender on both MCE 2005 and Vista.

My recommendation? Get an Xbox 360.

For more information about V2 Extenders, visit the MCX Partner site. They may have more information to release (however, it would likely be under NDA).

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