Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wii Sports: Home Run Derby 10/10

Ever do an activity that is frustratingly addictive? For me, the latest such activity was the Home Run derby in the Nintendo Wii game, Wii Sports.

In the Home Run activity, you are given ten balls to hit out of the park. You can even hit the balls out of the stadium (but I wonder if it is possible to hit it out of the stadium over the scoreboard... that, I have never done).

All too often, I have missed one ball to ruin my chances at 10/10. More often than not, it is either the first pitch, or the last pitch. I have even hit 18 home runs in a row, but to the game, that doesn't count for much (miss the first pitch on the first series of ten, miss the last pitch on the second series of ten). I can see how people would get frustrated and eventually end up having a little accident with their Wiimote.

Finally, this morning, I hit 10/10. Chalk up another challenge that has been conquered!

The next challenge will be ten 'out of the stadium' home runs in a row.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll say it again, you really need a job ASAP :)

Anonymous said...

The Blue Jays don't need Frank Thomas. They need Jason Tsang (can you switch hit?).

Then again, Jason would be better off to spurn the Jays for a team that actually has a chance of winning!

Anonymous said...

I too have hit 10/10 on hmoe run derby, but only had 5211 feet total. Yesterday when i was playing the game, I hit five home runs in a row - they kept pitching that weak a** haging curveball. After that I hit several more but the machine seemed to have adjusted. Jammed me in side and high and away. Also those little spinners and some sinkers.

Anonymous said...

A perfect 10 is easy to do in Wii HR derby. It's easy when you've played about 100 rounds in three months.

The challenge for me is to get the platinum medal. My best cumulative 10/10 distance is 5553 feet. I cannot even get close to that since I made that mark.