Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wii Wi-Fi Woes?

The Nintendo Wii comes with built in Wi-Fi capabilities. However, some people who their access points set to 802.11g-only mode may find that they have trouble connecting their Nintendo Wii (possible error codes that you might get include 51330, 52030 and 32002).

In order for your Wii to connect wirelessly to an 802.11g network, the access point needs to be set in 'mixed' or 'auto' mode (i.e. a setting that is not exclusive to 802.11g devices). This setting should be available in your Wireless settings page on your router/access point. This suggestion is even documented at the following page under bullet point 5 in the following statement:

Ensure that the router is set to broadcast in "mixed" or "b/g" mode. Routers set to "g only" may not be able to allow a successful connection from the Wii console.

Note that for most consumer level access points, when a 802.11b device connects to a 802.11g access point (if such connections are allowed), all the clients associated with that same access point are forced down to 802.11b speeds (54 mbps for 802.11g vs 11 mbps for 802.11b). For some, this might be a problem.

Those with two (or more) access points in their houses can set one of their access points to serve 802.11b devices exclusively, and have the other access point(s) serve 802.11g devices only. This way, you get the best of both worlds, your 11b devices such as the Nintendo Wii will be able to connect to your network via the 11b access point, while your 11g devices can connect to other 11g-only access points to operate at their fastest speeds possible.

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Anonymous said...

Unplug any old gamecube memory cards. That fixed our problem instantly. See the Wii section on

Anonymous said...

Wii supports 802.11g. Try setting it to channel 1.

Anonymous said...

Try setting your router to channel 1 that is.