Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow brings out the worst in drivers (Cars are not toboggans)

Toronto had its first real snowstorm last night/this morning. As usual, there were many accidents, as people weren't driving appropriately for the conditions.

One act of stupidity that observed was at a hill in a public park near my house. A couple of people didn't have toboggans, so they used the next best thing, at least according to them. They used their cars, one of them was a BMW X5 SUV, while the other was some little coupe. It looks like that they drove to the top of the hill, accelerated a bit to get the car going, and then let gravity do the rest of the work. I shock my head at the pure stupidity of this, and on my way home, I saw the cops questioning these participants.

Snow makes people do stupid things in their cars, but this one is definitely a new one for me. How I wish I had my camera with me...

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Anonymous said...

something like this ?

(Icy Roads In Portland)