Thursday, January 18, 2007

Urban Planners: #5 on list of top 10 jobs for 2007

There's nothing like a bit of validation of your career via the Internet to start your day. Ben passed along this link to the 10 hot jobs for 2007.

The 10 hot jobs for 2007 are as follows:

  1. Experience designer
  2. Medical researcher
  3. Web designer
  4. Security systems engineer
  5. Urban planners
  6. MIA (Looks like they forgot to list this one)
  7. Talent agents
  8. Buyers and purchasing agents
  9. Art directors
  10. News analysts, reporters and bloggers

For the urban planner entry, the following is stated about the urban planning field:

From the Hong Kong International Airport Residential Tower to suburban "McMansion" sprawl, individuals in residential planning and development can expect a lot of work in the coming year. Urban Planners must meet the demand for real estate that's both decadent and practical. Prefab one-level homes engineered for the aging baby boomer population are changing the face of suburban America, and boosting the demand for urban planners.

On that note, remember one of the New Year's Resolution that I made public on my blog? I took care of that pretty quickly. I start work at an urban planning firm this Monday for the next six months. Definitely looking forward to it.

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1 comment:

Liz said...

hey Jason!
i didn't know you had a blog
congrats on landing a job, now you can check that off your New Year's list =)