Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vista Media Center Online Media enabled for US Market

Sean Alexander reports that the Online Media components of Vista's Media Center should be enabled now for those of you in the US (it doesn't seem to be working in Canada yet).

Next time you start up Media Center, the Online Media strip should automatically refresh with the new content (it may take a few minutes). Additional partners will be filtering in shortly.

This follows the launch of the Media Center SportsLounge portal during CES. Windows Media Center SportsLounge, a partnership between Microsoft and, aims to change the way you watch and interact with the world of televised sports within the Media Center interface within the United States and Canada markets. For more information about the SportsLounge features, see the Media Center SportsLounge site.

Update - Jan 17, 2007: Online Media is working on my computer now (I'm in Canada)

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Wayne said...

Is there any sort of hack to make this work in Canada - just like there is for OTA HD? It is really annoying that so much of the online media stuff isn't available in Canada - the new Netflix stuff, iTunes.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Canada and just purchased a new Dell laptop with Vista Home Premium installed and I don't have any online media as well. It just says 'no services available'. Is there anything I can do? For now I would just like to listen to internet radio and even WMP doesn't have that option?

Anonymous said...

I have a similar problem.

Just picked up a new dv9260us and when i go to online media i only get the 'no services found' option.

any ideas?

kurtjeke said...

I have the same problem in Belgium.
When I tested the RC1 of window vista mediacenter I could acces all of the online recources. All I had to do was to change my country and languagesettings in the config screen of vista. But now working with win vista ultimate I just get "no recources available".
Does anyone know a workaround?

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is really annoying. I am SURE there are a ton of people trying to figure out what the hell is going on. SO i am putting something in here for the SE's. IF anybody has an answer please dump it here!



Anonymous said...

i find it funny that all of us are experiencing the same problem and we've found each other on this blog.

(I'm the guy with the dv9260us in a previous note).

I've spoken with HP and they say the feature is disabled but that just seems wacky (and we all know how 'good' HP customer service is these days).

I've posted in the Media Center Newsgroup as well as on but haven't gotten a single response.

Anyone else out there getting Windows Media Center in Vista saying No Services Found when you go to Online Media?

If so, have you found a workaround?

Anonymous said...

I am from Australia, and Online Media is enabled but there are only two Australian services, Bigpond Movies and Channel Go Music, nothing else.

I can't access any US services.

If there is such a thing as a MS Online Mediaserver, could they have been filtering IP request by localisation?

Anonymous said...

I just bought a HP computer with vista on it, but my Online Media services are not found, however on my old pc I had no ploblem any one help please!!!

Anonymous said...


I dont have any services showing now. There were some showing, but I rolled my computers settings back a few days and now they have gone.


Anonymous said...

hey, guy i just reinstall vista and guss what now I have all the online media services, I have no clue what was the problem.

Anonymous said...

The setting during initial vista installation, during your product key input seems to determine which country services will later install in media center. I would like to have services from different european countries. Anyone has done something like that? Can someone point in the right direction?

Anonymous said...

STILL F'd . DOES ANYONE have a fix for this piece of shite other then re-installing?!! I am still seeing TONS of messages everywhere with people having the same problem with NO information at all. What the hell? There must be SOME information. I don't get it!

Jason said...

I had the content as well until I did a system restore!!! Anyone with info as to how to get it back will be my hero! Thanks!

Michael said...

My services also worked until I did a system restore. Now, now services show in Media Center.

Michael said...

To correct "No Services found", go to SETTINGS within Media Center. Then go to GENERAL and then AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Select Download Now to download the media guide. This will reestablish all the Media Buttons.

JEM said...

I tried that, but all it did was confirm that the tv listings were downloaded. Any other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

You know what, My machine preload XP MCE and HP mailed me the Vista upgrade disc. I got the same problem of " No serivce". And finally i found that, After you restore windows(XP MCE), all the online service is back again. But if you want clean install Vista with serivce in Canada, you have to restore (XP MCE) and back up the list, and then clean install Vista and put the list back in Vista. This is crazy!!!
And the location for the online spotlight is here,


So, It is your choice to back up the whole "Packages" folder or just the "MCESpotlight" Folder.

Oh well, the C:\ProgramData is hidden, so, make it show all hidden file first.

Filipe said...

Anonymous said...

"you have to restore (XP MCE) and back up the list, and then clean install Vista and put the list back in Vista. This is crazy!!!
And the location for the online spotlight is here,

So, It is your choice to back up the whole "Packages" folder or just the "MCESpotlight" Folder."

Where is the location in XP MCE to backup? I can copy the packages from xp to vista?

Joshua said...

I am having the same problem, the only thing I want MC for is to watch DVD's and browse the online spotlight, but what I don't get is that I am in the US and I still don't get the content. I also don't know how to un-hide those files you guys are talking about. I'm also pretty sure that I chose english when I used my upgrade of vista.

Any help would be great.

Anonymous said...

Try this:

download from this site
on your computer, go to your c: drive
open up ProgramData folder
open Microsoft folder
delete the ehome folder

now unzip the ehome folder you downloaded
place the new ehome folder where you deleted the old one.

Anonymous said...

Further to the post on, you don't need to blow away your existing EHOME directory. Just copy the contents of Packages from the to your Packages directory.

Why Microsoft doesn't have a web site to download packages from is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

well that solved my problem, i have vista home premium and had no problems at all until i did a clean install then i couldnt use it anymore. but i didnt follow the instructions all the way,

i didnt back up the whole ehome folder because i was kinda scared lol so i just did the mce spotlight folder, then went and opened up my media center and there it was...YAY. in fact i have a new thing called vonage. im gonna go check it out, thank god i ran into this site :) thank you

Anonymous said...


Somebody have another link to download This link not work anymore...


Anonymous said...

hi. the link appears to just be for american services, any UK link? thanks

Anonymous said...

About the megaupload link:
Just change your language to France the first flag with blue-white-red Horizontal. Hope you understand my english. ;-)