Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ATI Catalyst 7.2 Drivers and new TV Tuner drivers

ATI has released the Catalyst 7.2 drivers for Windows XP and Vista. For all the details, see the ATI Catalyst™ Software Suite Version 7.2 readme file.

Catalyst 7.2 introduces a brand new version of the Catalyst™ Control Center for Windows XP. The new Catalyst™ Control Center delivers a number of significant enhancements:

  • Significant performance gains; Catalyst™ Control Center start-up time has been substantially reduced, and overall responsiveness has improved.
  • Reduced system resource usage
  • New 3D preview which significantly improves the ability for users to understand the benefits of enabling the many Catalyst™ features of their ATI Radeon™ graphics accelerator
  • Increased stability
  • Native 32 and 64-bit support

Performance increases are also present for Open GL based apps under Windows Vista.

ATI has also updated its Theater 550/650 drivers for Windows XP (all variants) driver version The Vista version of this driver has not been updated yet.

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Anonymous said...

I installed 7.2 with the Catalyst Control Center and had immediate screen problems. (Running ATI Radeon 600). I started getting scan streaks all over my screen. This was especially visable when watching a movie where the background is dark.

I uninstalled, rebooted, and tried the ATI 7.2 driver ALONE and everything works fine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

I have ATI ALL-IN-WONDER 2006 EDITION and Windows Vista 64bit.
I have Download ATI Catalyst 7.2 Driver from ATI Website. That driver work ok and little slow on Windows start up.

The probem is ATI don't have a new version of ATI Multimedia Software yet for me to do Video Capture and TV Tuner. Is ATI plan to have new version ATI Multimedia Software??

You can reply back if you want.

Thank you
Arlyn Asay.

Jason said...

Arlyn: I wouldn't count on the MMC being supported in Vista. You'd be better off getting a separate TV card in my opinion (preferably one that Media Center supports without resorting to software encoding).