Wednesday, February 07, 2007

IOC to consider allowing athlete blogs during Olympics

The International Olympic Committee announced today that it was considering allowing athletes to post blog entries on the internet during the 2008 Olympic Games.

Under Olympic rules, athletes, coaches and other team officials are barred from functioning as a "journalist or in any other media capacity'' during the games. This is meant to protect the rights of the accredited media.

"In principle", the IOC athletes' commission expressed support for blogging, but said more time was needed to study the issue. It proposed that athletes be allowed to blog, on condition they receive no payment, post their entries as a personal "diary or journal'' and do not use photos, video or audio obtained at the games.

This is another example of how blogging has become a part of mainstream media. While the television stations do a great job of bringing athletes' stories to us, the opportunity of hearing such stories from an athlete's perspective, whenever they have an opportunity to post, allows us to have more unique insights that might not otherwise be possible. In addition, blogging potentially adds a new layer of interactivity between the athlete and their audience. Even the IOC Press Commission states the following with regards to athletes and blogging:

Athlete blogs bring a more modern perspective to the global appreciation of the games, particularly for a younger audience, and enhance the universality of the games

Hopefully the IOC will endorse this proposal, as I would definitely look forward to reading more about the Olympics from an athlete's perspective.

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