Monday, February 12, 2007

Microsoft HID update for Microsoft Wireless Desktop Hardware devices

For those of you that have Microsoft wireless desktop hardware devices such as a mouse or keyboard (in USB mode) who have had issues with screensavers not enabling, there is now an update to address this issue. My contact at Microsoft reported the following to me:

If you have your 27 Mhz wireless device connected to the system when you go to Windows Update, it will give you a HID update that corrects the problem where the screen savers don’t work with our 27 Mhz wireless products plugged in. This will fix it on both Vista and XP.

You will see this on Windows/Microsoft Update in the 'Hardware, Optional' category if you have your Microsoft 27Mhz Wireless device plugged into the USB port (27Mhz wireless devices basically mean any keyboard/mouse product that doesn't use Bluetooth). It will show up as 'HID Non-User Input Data Filter' from Microsoft.

For those of you who are wondering, the update consists of four files.

  • NuidFltr.inf
  • NuidFltr.sys (v
  • WdfCoInstaller01005.dll (v 1.5.6000.0)

Hopefully this update will fix the issues that some of you have been having.

More details about this update can be found in the resolution section of the following KB article.
The screen saver does not start after you install the Wireless Optical Desktop device (KB913405)

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KunaL said...

wht needs to be done if this update fail , when i see my update history it show is failed error 800F020B if you get answer pl email me on

Anonymous said...

I need this update for my mother in laws computer. I cannot see the update (probably because i am running windows 2000),. How do I get this update??


KunaL said...

can this update be download from some download website ...
pls let em know on
i am even waiting ur pre email
ple mentio the sub so i dont delete by mistake pl.

Vickie said...

Okay, call me gullible. I have Windows Vista Premium on a Dell Inspiron E1405. I was given the option to install this update. I did and now my screensaver doesn't work. It worked before I installed the update, now it doesn't. Oh, and the display that is suppose to shut itself off after so many minutes of being idle. That doesn't work anymore either. My question is how to uninstall the update?

Vickie said...

Ah, disregard that last post. I don't have to uninstall the update, it uninstalled itself, that's why my stuff wasn't working. I installed the update again and things are fine now, at least for the moment.

russ white said...

Well Done...I've been wondering what the hell was going on with my hit the nail on the head. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Vista keeps telling me I have no updates. I am getting ready to throw Microsoft mouse out the window closley followed by Vista.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help..

The HID update is working fine for screensaver

HALG said...


I can't find the update to same my life it that was the case, the new "Windows Update" from Vista does not show me any other options to download.

I been reading that it does help updating with this file.

Please let me know.


Anonymous said...

My Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows stopped working after this update. I can't get the receiver and the Xbox wireless controller to bind. Is there a known incompatibility? Can I simply uninstall the HID update, or will this cause problems with my wireless desktop? kcconlin9319 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post!

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate the info - the screen saver is working beautifully again! Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Can you please post a link to the update files? I am running Vista Enterprise and "Optional Updates" is not available, and Windows Update will show the update I need.

Unknown said...

I'm having a problem with mine. It downloads, but the HID Non-user Input Data Filter doesn't install. What's up with that crap?

Mad Java said...

Thanks for the help! Straight in the problem, easy solve =D

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm currently using Vista Ultimate 32bit with de SP1 but I still got the screensaver problem (since I'm using Vista actually, but before now, I didn't care about the screensaver... and now I have an interest to use it, I'm troubled by this).
I'm using a Microsoft/Razer Habu which is concerned by this update (as it's written here in the list at the end) but, I never downloaded this update and I can't find it...
Is there a way to download it directly ? I mean, without using Microsoft Update ?
I Hope, even 1 year after, that my comment will be seen !

PS : Sorry for my english, I'm french ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi...when I do this update, it fails to install. And, everytime I turn on my computer, I get, "The HID non-user input data filter hardware has failed to I have to close sex pages of warnings before I can use my computer. Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Don't see this addressed here ... I was just offered to install the update by Microsoft Update, but don't have the screen saver/idle problem. I think I should ignore the update. The philosophy, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," seems to apply here. By the way, have had this Microsoft Laser Mouse installed for 18 months.

Do you agree I should ignore the update?