Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What's Gary going to win next?

What is Gary going to win next? Probably the lottery..

This is a list of what he has won already:

  1. Trip to England
  2. Computers (note the plural)
  3. Trip to Ibiza
  4. XBox 360 HD DVD Player
  5. An automobile

At the very least, I have directly benefited from each of these prizes. Hopefully that continues in the future.

That said, I wish I could win these draws of random chance!


Anonymous said...

Somebody is purely jealous ;o)

shima mirkarimi said...

I play the same game, except mine is called "What is Ali going to win next?" Likewise I have also benefited from each of these winnings, so I can't complain. Wait, yes I can. It's been a dry spell recently and I haven't been receiving nearly as many of benefits.