Friday, March 16, 2007

MVP Summit: Media Center take-aways

The MVP Summit ended on Thursday. Unfortunately, since getting back to the hotel, I've been bed-ridden due to not feeling well. I'm glad my flight out of Seattle wasn't on Thursday, otherwise, I would not have been in any shape to get on a plane.

Anyways, my sickness is a mere temporary condition, and I bet you want me to get to the subject of this post. I'll talk about two topics that should be on the mind of most Media Center enthuasists, that being v2 Extenders and the next Media Center 'release'.

V2 Extenders should be out sometime this year (2007). Microsoft has stated this in the 'Windows Media Center and Media Center Extender' page under the Media Center Extender section, in the heading 'Other Media Center Extenders'. Unfortunately, the exact dates/timeframes are under NDA, but suffice to say, that date falls under the target date that I listed above.

As for the next update for Media Center, Charlie Owen has revealed some details on his blog posting 'Mailbag: Can we expect new and/or improved features sooner than the next [major] version of Windows?' He says that all prior releases of Media Center (with the exception of Diamond) were 'Windows Out Of Band Release' projects -- meaning they weren't necessarily tied to a particular shipping date of Windows (or a Windows service pack) and that next version is going to be another out of band release. For a good indiction of when to expect this release, look at the past history of release dates for Media Center products.

Codename - Release Year
Freestyle - 2002
Harmony - 2003
Symphony - 2004
Emerald - 2005
Diamond - 2006
(Future) - xxxx

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