Friday, March 16, 2007

MVP Summit Wrap-up

I'm back home now after a pretty uneventful flight between Seattle and Toronto. I'm still not feeling 100% as I made a beeline straight for my bed after getting home. Hopefully I feel a lot better after a bit more rest.

The MVP Summit has now come and gone. It was great meeting a lot of people from all over the world who are as passionate about technology as I am, no matter what their award category was. I got a chance to meet with people whom I've had correspondence with over the years either via the community or through e-mail. I also got a chance to meet with many of the other Media Center MVPs, many of whom I haven't seen in over 18 months (the exceptions being Gary, whom I see everyday, and Peter Near, whom I see at some local Microsoft events). Of course, the Media Center MVPs also had the opportunity to have candid one-on-one conversations with various members of the Media Center product team.

Many thanks to members of the Media Center product team who took time out of their busy schedules to talk to us, including Ben Alton, Jessica Zahn (along with various members of her team), Charlie Owen, Todd Bowra, Jenelle Coberly and Mark Pendergast. We also received some interesting news about the Windows Home Server and IPTV offerings that are coming down the pipe. I will admit, initially, I wasn't too interested on the Windows Home Server product, but after seeing their deep-dive sessions, I think people will be impressed by this product.

I guess it is safe for me to reveal one other tidbit that we learned during the MVP Summit. I've already posted about Media Center and its next update being an 'out-of-band' release (that is, it will not be a release tied to a new Windows or Windows Service Pack version). It would also seem that many people are obsessed with code names given to Microsoft products. On that note, I will give everyone a major clue as to what the code name is for the next version of Media Center. I realize that I could just tell you straight up what it is, but I think the journey of finding this one out for yourselves would be more fulfilling.

If you look at Charlie Owen's blog, you will notice that he has a number of listed posting categories. One of these categories might give you a hint as to what the code name might be. The posting content under this category should make it even more obvious. I will say that the answer definitely isn't 'Front Row' but you are definitely getting very warm if you looked in that general vicinity.

Once again, thanks to Microsoft for a great 2007 MVP Summit, and I hope to be able to do this again at the 2008 MVP Summit, which is scheduled to be held on April 14-17 [2008, not 2007].

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