Thursday, March 22, 2007

v1 Extenders - No rebate program

We finally have closure on this issue. Many of you remember that Microsoft made the following statement (something which I blogged about in the posting 'Additional Information on v1 Extenders/Vista'):

When we get closer to the Windows Vista timeframe we will announce a program to make sure that early adopters who purchased a v1 Media Center Extender (from Linksys or HP) are accommodated.

Jessica Zahn, a Program Manager on Microsoft's eHome team, announced the following on thegreenbutton:

People can continue using their V1 Media Center Extenders with an XP-based PC, but for those who plan to buy Windows Vista compatible extenders in the future, there will not be any rebate program for the V1 devices.

Time to put your v1 Extenders on eBay as Extenders have been going for upto around $160-170 USD lately.

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Anonymous said...

Alas another good reason not to purchase and follow Microsoft products, as they invariable stiff the consumer. I am sure the bug fixes on XP MCE won't be as good as they used to, it won't work quite as well, and eventually they will pull all support, leaving me having to purchase a load more extenders, new OS, and hardware.

< / rant>