Thursday, September 06, 2007

Microsoft releases new details about v2 Extenders

Move over Xbox 360, Microsoft has just announced details about a new generation of Media Center Extenders soon to be available for Media Center platform on Windows Vista.

New devices from Cisco Systems’ Linksys division, D-Link and Niveus Media to bring the ultimate audio/video experience to any room in the home. Additional information about price points and the variety of innovative form factors, including both stand-alone set-top boxes and integration with other devices such as DVD players and televisions will be unveiled later this month.

In addition, these new Extenders have the option of being enhanced to allow support for popular video codecs such as DivX and Xvid, along with continued support for Windows Media Video HD files. They will also allow for streaming of protected HD content, such as content from Cable Card tuners or movies and/or music from CinemaNow, MovieLink or Napster.

It's about time that we see these devices come out. Hopefully they are still on-tap for availability this holiday season as I had blogged about in the entry 'MVP Summit: Media Center take-aways'. I just hope that they will be no more expensive than the Xbox 360 Core, otherwise, it might be a tough sell to get these devices in multiple places in a given home. We shall see what happens.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Presspass release, "Microsoft Shatters the PC-to-Television Barrier, Releases First Details on Extenders for Windows Media Center".


Unknown said...

I like what I see, JT. You can consider signing me u pas an early adopter.

Anonymous said...

The V2 devices were large. take the linksys for example, I would have wanted a DVD player in that huge device. Will the V2 devices have a new footprint?

Also, form factor coolness is very important. The room I want to stream to has a wall mount widescreen with hidden cables. It's a cool sight in my bedroom. Will the extenders flow into this room nicely or will I have to find some way to mount a large box next to my TV?

Yes, I know MS does not manufacturer these devices - but you have a lot of input.