Sunday, September 30, 2007

Too many events within a weekend?

It's a really busy weekend in Toronto. With so many events happening at the same time, I really wonder if there was any thought by all these event organizers to deal with conflicts between all these well publicized events.

First off, we have Nuit Blanche, a 'a free all-night contemporary art thing'. As described by the website, Torontonians, 'for one sleepless night, experience Toronto transformed by artists. Discover art in galleries, museums and unexpected places. From alleyways and demolition sites to churches and squash courts, explore more than 195 destinations. One night only. All night long.'

Then we have the 16th annual Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure on Sunday morning. This event is part of a fund raising event held all across Canada that generates millions of dollars of donations to fund innovative and relevant breast cancer research, education, and awareness programs.

If that wasn't enough, we also have the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. This marathon, which takes place entirely in the downtown area, is one of two Toronto marathons (the other being the Toronto Martahon) to act as a qualifying marathon for the Boston Marathon.

All these events are large events in their own right. While some people might only have interest in one of these three events, I feel bad for those who would have been interested in doing more than one of these events. Either they would have had to make a choice to do only one of these events, or have a less optimal experience at two events, in order to get something out of them (i.e. perhaps do half of Nuit Blanche on Saturday night, and then be tired during their runs early Sunday morning).

Perhaps I am over-estimating the number of people who might have been interested in doing more than one of these events. If so, I am complaining about nothing. But in case I do raise a valid point, I hope that next year, the organizers of these events plan it such that they don't fall within the same weekend. Everyone (the participants, the event, the causes and the host city) will win from this.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the Word on the Street reading festival.

Anonymous said...

You know that it's the City that is responsible for holding these events on one date, not the organizers. CIBC's run for the cure is held annually on the first Sunday in October while the Waterfront Marathon is held annually on the last Sunday in September.

Jason said...

I highly doubt that. The City of Toronto does not hold a gun to the organizer's head (figuratively) and say you must hold event X on date Y.

Beyond having certain departments (police, transportation etc) signing off on event dates that an organizer may propose, there's not much else the City itself does to affect the dates that these events are held.

Jason said...

Guess the Toronto Star ran a story on this in Monday's paper. See here for details.

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