Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ATSC in Canada for Windows 7 and WMC TV Pack

It was with much disappointment that Media Center in both Windows 7 and the WMC TV Pack did not support ATSC for those of us in Canada, even with hacks such as this. However, former Microsoft MVP Peter Near described a potential workaround for this issue, as mentioned in his blog entry, ATSC, Canada, and Windows 7 - A Sliver of Hope, and worked with SiliconDust, makers of the HDHomerun ATSC product, to create a viable solution.

For more details, see Peter's latest blog entry on this issue, ATSC in Canada on Windows 7 - It's Here!, and this link on SiliconDust's support forum named ATSC OTA in Canada with WMC TV Pack or Win7.

Many thanks to both Peter and the folks at SiliconDust, for pushing to come up with a solution for us Canadians.

Note, this is not supported by Microsoft, but I'll definitely take what I can get. Once you have seen ATSC, NTSC just simply is not good enough anymore!


Anonymous said...

One could try this:


Anonymous said...

Im sorry but I dont know how I landed here. I was googleing for "How to unplugg windows media center" and ended up here... Seems like you are one of those that knows something about this program. So please help me! I have been on the internet for days now trying to find a sulotion on my problem. The problem I got is that I want to unplug the remote control that came with my laptop. Why would I want to do this you might ask? Well, its simple... Windows Media Center and its remote controls disable stuff on loads of games... So I want to turn Media Center and its remote controls OFF, UNPLUG or whatever.

Anonymous said...

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