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ecoSUAVE 2009 - Live Jazz and Local Food

Here is an event some of you might be interested in, especially for those that are interested in learning more about local food sources that have been produced in a sustainable manner.

A couple of friends of mine, Tommy and Mihee, who are fellow Toronto Environmental Volunteers, are organizing an event, EcoSUAVE 2009, through their company, Enlightened Events, in partnership with Local Food Plus. This event, being held at Canada's National Ballet School on the evening of Saturday, February 21, 2009, will give guests the opportunity to sample locally produced delicious wines, beers, and finger foods. To accompany the food and drinks, guests will be treated to Live Jazz music.

With the many externalities that exist in food supply chain, education is key to ensure that people know what the true cost of food actually is. Many organizations and even governments such as the City of Toronto now have local food policies in place (e.g. City of Toronto - City Council Minutes Item 25.26 - Local Food Procurement Policy and Implementation Plan). As more people learn about the social, environmental and economic benefits of local food production, we will all make better choices with outcomes that result in a more sustainable form of food production, processing, distribution, and consumption.

Below is a press release with further information about EcoSUAVE 2009.

For Immediate Release

Live Jazz Meets Local Food Affair at EcoSUAVE 2009
Toronto - Enlightened Events is proud to present its upcoming event, EcoSUAVE 2009, to be held at Canada’s National Ballet School on Saturday February 21, 2009. EcoSUAVE 2009 is an green affair where guests can sample delicious, local and sustainable food & drinks whilst enjoying Live Jazz music performed throughout the night.

At EcoSUAVE, a term coined by Enlightened Events as being “Effortlessly gracious and green in a social manner”, attendees will have the opportunity to sample delectable hors d'oeuvres and beverages, including organic wines, beers, canap├ęs, chocolate truffles, popcorn, and ice cream, among others. To accompany the food and drinks, guests will be treated to Live Jazz music from the golden era of the jazz standard. Listeners will be exposed to songs from variety of composers, from Gershwin and Cole Porter, to Rogers and Heart.

Located at the award winning National Ballet School on 400 Jarvis Street in Toronto, the event will open its doors at 8 PM and end at Midnight. Tickets are $20 at the door, and $18 online. Advanced tickets can be purchased at

Candice Batista, host of A Greener Toronto on Rogers TV will serve as emcee for the evening. Candice has collaborated with Enlightened Events in the past, sharing her in-depth understanding of global weather patterns as the opening speaker at the EcoSavvy Festival. “Candice was a natural choice to be emcee at EcoSUAVE 2009” says Mr Tommy Trinh, Co-founder of Enlightened Events. “Candice's A Greener Toronto and our events share a commonality, in that we both feature green businesses in the hopes to inspire others to live greener lives.”

“We created this event as a fun and interactive way for guests to learn about ‘greener’ food and drink options“ says Mr Trinh. “Guests will learn that when you couple local food production with sustainable farming practices, what you get is delicious & healthy food that benefits the consumer, the farmer, and the environment”

EcoSUAVE 2009 is created in partnership with Local Food Plus (LFP) to raise awareness about local and sustainable food production. LFP is an award winning non-profit organization that brings farmers and consumers to the table to share in the benefits of environmentally and socially responsible food production. They are committed to building and fostering local sustainable food systems by certifying farmers and processors and linking them with local purchasers committed to building and fostering local sustainable food systems by certifying farmers and processors and linking them with local purchasers.

To learn more about EcoSUAVE 2009, visit

About Enlightened Events
Enlightened Events is an educational event company dedicated to building environmental and social awareness through fun, informative, and interactive events. At our events, such as the EcoSavvy Festival and EcoSUAVE 2009, we focus on helping consumers make informed choices while promoting local and truly sustainable businesses and organizations. We are mindful of the environmental, social, and financial impact of all products and services at our events, and work diligently to eliminate “greenwashing”.


Contact Information:
Company: Enlightened Events
Contact: Ms Mihee Kim
Address: 378 Margueretta Street, Toronto, ON, M6H 3S5
Office: 647-723-3693
Fax: 647-436-7642

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