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EcoSavvy Festival - June 19 & 20 at Mel Lastman Square

A few months ago, you may have remembered the EcoSuave 2009 event that I blogged about. This coming week, my friends Tommy and Mihee of Enlightened Events will be organzing a the EcoSavvy Festival to be held at Mel Lastman Square.

I think this is a great event for anyone of all ages. Learn about green choices you can make, from local companies who implement sustainable practices in their business models. Come out, learn a bit, and start conversations with others to spread the word. There will be lots of unique programming throughout the two days, so make sure you check out the events schedule to plan what you want to see.

Below is a press release with further information about the EcoSavvy Festival 2009.


For Immediate Release

Screen Through All The Green At North York’s Second Annual EcoSavvy Festival

Toronto - Being green in North York is about to get easier with the approach of its Second Annual EcoSavvy Festival, to be held on June 19th and 20th at Mel Lastman Square. Presented by Enlightened Events, the EcoSavvy Festival is an exciting, free event for the public, focused on helping individuals to make informed, green choices while promoting local and sustainable businesses and organizations.

At the EcoSavvy Festival, attendees will be introduced to green and responsibly made products & services, including: sustainable fashion wear, non-toxic cleaning products, chemical free & organic make-up, safe organic kids products, and delicious local organic food. Along with Live music performances by local Canadian artists, this year’s festival will consist of several fun interactive events for all ages.

‘One event that we’re excited to add to this year’s festival is the Eco-Fashion show.’ says Mr. Tommy Trinh, Co-Founder of Enlightened Events. ‘The Eco Fashion Show will have a serene, organic feel to it; the runway will be lined with a set of beautiful trees, and the show will take place under the natural rays of the sun.’ The fashion show will feature clothing lines carried by Green is Black, a retailer that features sustainable, ethically made clothing, and 69 Vintage, a chic vintage clothing store that lets customers re-imagine old styles into new.

Other special events at the EcoSavvy Festival include: a delicious organic food sampling event; DIY natural cleaning products workshops; eco kids activities, including a presentation by Earth Rangers and their animal ambassadors; and a food drive for North York Harvest Food Bank, where organic seeds will given to those who donate non-perishable food items at the festival.

Partners of the EcoSavvy Festival include: Bullfrog Power, Zerofootprint, Toronto Vegetarian Association, Anarres Natural Health, Retire Your Ride Program from the Clean Air Foundation, Green Enterprise Toronto, North York Harvest Food Bank, and Tonic Toronto Magazine.

‘Our goal for this festival is to help people screen through all the green in a fun, interactive manner’ says Mr. Trinh. ‘As more and more companies claim to be green and ethical, consumers will have a harder time distinguishing which products are truly sustainable. To help counter this trend of "green washing", our festival will only feature companies that have scrutinized various aspects of their business to minimize their impact on the planet and its inhabitants.‘

Located at Mel Lastman Square on 5100 Yonge Street, the Second Annual EcoSavvy Festival takes place on June 19th and 20th (Friday & Saturday) and will operate from 4PM to 10PM. For more information about the EcoSavvy Festival’s special events and schedule, visit:

About Enlightened Events

Enlightened Events is a social enterprise dedicated to building environmental and social awareness through fun, informative, and interactive events. At our events, such as the EcoSavvy Festival and EcoSUAVE 2009, we focus on helping consumers make informed choices while promoting local and truly sustainable businesses and organizations. We are mindful of the environmental, social, and financial impact of all products and services at our events, and work diligently to eliminate “greenwashing”.


Contact Information:
Company: Enlightened Events
Contact: Ms Mihee Kim
Address: 378 Margueretta Street, Toronto, On, M6H3S5
Office: 647-723-3693
Fax: 647-436-7642

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