Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enabling ATSC & QAM in Canada for Windows 7 RTM

Peter Near, former Microsoft MVP for Media Center, has been passionately blogging about getting OTA ATSC reception to work for Canadians in Media Center.

Throughout the Windows 7 beta, he has made blog postings, which I allude to in the blog postings 'ATSC workaround for Canadians for Windows 7/Media Center TV Pack for Vista ', 'ATSC in Canada for Windows 7 and WMC TV Pack', and 'ATSC vs Windows 7 Media Center/TV Pack for Windows Vista walkthrough'.

Peter has now posted an update to reflect the enabling of ATSC and QAM for the RTM version of Windows 7. The post appears on his blog entited 'Enabling ATSC & QAM in Canada for Windows 7 RTM' and then an associated posting 'Adding Multiple Listings to MC7'

Thanks for the informative posts, especially with the screenshots. I'm sure many will appreciate this.

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